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Post-Apocalyptic Nick

Medium: Web comic Creator: Christian Beranek, Tony DiGerolamo, Tom Kurzanski Appeared / Debuted / Published: 2010 Synopsis: Clad in PJs, ad rep Nick survives the end of the world, but must cope with a high-strung cop, clueless soldiers and a constitutional monarchy at the diner.
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Post-Nuke Comic

Medium: Web comic Creator: Andreas Duller Published: 2003
Synopsis: Strange things happen in the wasteland as our hero and his dog, Aires, make their way to Bartervil.
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Year: 1921
Disaster type: Other
Media: Play
Author/Creator Karel Capek -
Synopsis: In the Czech drama that coined the term "robot," androids revolt and cause the extinction of humans.
Links: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.U.R.


Spanish film maker Jesús Orellana's neatly contained and unsettling world in the short film Rosa is littered with the remains of humanity and populated by creepy butterflies, cyborgs that bleed and roses that grow, stop-motion fast, from that blood. It has the veneer (and fighting style) of a first-person shooter, but with a delicate sensibility one might expect from Guillermo Del Toro.

Orellana is reported to be at work on a full-feature treatment. Can't wait.





Year: 2000-2001
Disaster type: Other
Media: Manga
Author/Creator Shin Takahashi
Synopsis: Thi is the love story of high school student Shuji and his girlfriend Chise, who is transformed into an ultimate weapon against forces invading Japan. This was adapted for anime.
Links: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saikano

Sweet Tooth

Medium: Comic book / Graphic Novel Creator: Jeff Lemire Published: 2009 - present
Synopsis: A young man with antlers, abandoned in a plague-ravaged Midwest, hooks up with a violent alcoholic named Jepperd, who promises to take him to a shelter for hybrid children.
Amazon (Sweet Tooth Vol. 1: Out of the Woods) | Wikipedia | Official site

The Cleansed


Year: 2012
Disaster type: Other
Media: Audio drama podcast.
Author/Creator FinalRune Productions
Synopsis: Characters who survive an energy-related apocalypse, some in rural Maine, USA and others in an unnamed city 
Links: TheCleansed.com http://thecleansed.com/

The Last American


Year: 1990-1991
Disaster type: Nuclear
Media: Comic
Synopsis: Twenty years after a global nuclear conflict, one man is released from suspended animation to see what remains. He's accompanied by three robot companions.
Links: Com.X http://www.comxcomics.com/LastAmerican.html

The Offshore Island


Year: 1954
Disaster type: Nuclear
Media: Play
Author/Creator Marghanita Laski
Synopsis: BBC drama about a British family living in an isolated valley in the aftermath of a nuclear war finds that their idyll is shattered when a detachment of American troops arrive.
Links: IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422869/

The Punisher: The End


Year: 2004
Disaster type: Nuclear
Media: Comic
Author/Creator Garth Ennis
Synopsis: In this installment of The End series by Marvel Comics/Max, Frank Castle and his fellow prisoners break out into a world decimated by nuclear war.
Links: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Punisher:_The_End