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Author: Charles Pellegrino Published: 1998 Publisher:Pages: 464
Synopsis: A devastating ecological collapse occurs after a species of dust mite overwhelms the food chain.
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Earth Abides

Author: George R. Stewart Published: 1949 Publisher: Fawcett Crest Books Pages: 317
Synopsis: A young camper awakes from a fever to find the world depopulated.
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Author: David R. Palmer Published: 1984 Publisher: Bantam Pages: 291
Synopsis: Spunky young heroine discovers she is not just a genius, but one of the few humans left on the planet. It's criminal this book is out of print.
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Empire of Ice, The

Author: Richard Moran Published: 1994 Publisher: TOR/Forge Pages: 371
Synopsis: After an undersea volcano eruption blocks the North Atlantic Current that warms the shores of Europe, the U.K. faces a new ice age.
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Empty World

Author: John Christopher Published: 1978 Publisher: Dutton Juvenile Pages: 134
Synopsis: When a deadly virus kills off most of the world's population, a teenaged boy tries to survive in a seemingly empty England in this YA novel
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Author: Eugene Burdick Published: 1962 Publisher: Harper Perennial Pages: 000
Synopsis: This story of accidental nuclear war was made into a movie and teleplay of the same name. It is not really PA, since it is an accounting of with the actual event rather than the aftermath, but a classic nonetheless.
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Far North: A Novel

Author: Marcel Theroux Published: 2009 Publisher: Picador Pages: 320
Synopsis: In the future climate change forces people to migrate north. In Siberia, Sheriff Makepeace witnesses a plane crash and goes in search of the people who created it.

Farnham's Freehold

Author: Robert Heinlein Published: 1964 Publisher: Putnam Pages: 304
Synopsis: A direct hit by a nuclear weapon sends a family and their compound into a strange future.
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Final Impact

Author: Yvonne Navarro Published: 1997 Publisher: Bantam Pages: 469
Synopsis: This story of a catastrophic meteor impact weaves characters' supernatural powers into the mix.
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Folk of the Fringe, The

Author: Orson Scott Card Published: 1989 Publisher: Legend Pages: 000
Synopsis: >Five short stories unfold in a post-Nuclear America where Mormons strive to rebuild civilization.
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