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Gate to Women's Country, The

Author: Sheri S. Tepper Published: 1988 Publisher: Spectra Pages: 336
Synopsis: After a devastating nuclear war, survivors develop into two societies, one a failing, brutual dictatorship and another where women control every aspect of life.
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Gift Upon the Shore, A

Author: M.K. Wren Published: 1990 Publisher: Backinprint Pages: 388
Synopsis: After The End and the Long Winter, a small group in the Pacific Northwest struggles against a fundamentalist cult to preserve the great books of Western Culture.
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Hanging out with the Hood

ArrowheadEngland takes a leap backward  in the Arrowhead trilogy, part of a series called the Afterblight Chronicles. But unlike Riddley Walker, in which dear Old Blighty becomes all but unrecognizable, the UK of Paul Kane's novels leaves much of the familiar after a virulent disease does its worst. Namely, the Sherwood Forest, where our protagonist does battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham (a French inteloper) a satanic cult and a crazy fellow from Russia. Ring a bell? The main character's name is Rob and his girlfriend is Mary.

Into the Forest

Author: Jean Hegland Published: 1997 Publisher: Dial Press Pages: 256
Synopsis: Things fall apart for two sisters in the woods.
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Last Ship, The

Author: William Brinkley Published: 1989 Publisher: Ballantine Books Pages: 624
Synopsis: After a global nuclear disaster, the guided-missile destroyer Nathan James sails the seas in search of an uncontaminated landfall.
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Level 7

Author: Mordecai Roshwald Published: 1959 Publisher: William Heinemann, Ltd Pages: 200
Synopsis: Officer X-127 chronicles his life 4,000 feet underground, in a bomb shelter supposedly impervious to nuclear radiation. Brutal, sobering, classic.
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Long Loud Silence, The

Author: Wilson A. Tucker Published: 1952 Publisher: Dell Pages: 193
Synopsis: The Long Loud Silence is an early seminal work on the effects of bio-hazard, in which one half of the United States is bitterly in strife against the pandemically infected other half.
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Long Voyage Back

Author: Luke Rhinehart Published: 1983 Publisher: Naval Institute Press Pages: 408
Synopsis:This novel graphically depicts World War III between the USSR and the United States as one family struggles with nuclear winter and more.
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Lucifer's Hammer

Author: Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Published: 1977 Publisher: Fawcett Books Pages: 640
Synopsis: Pieces of a comet strike the earth and everything goes to hell, including the authors' sense of morality and tolerance.
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Author: Robert Merle Published: 1973 Publisher: Warner Books Pages: 590
Synopsis: A small group of friends survive a nuclear holocaust in the cellar of a remote French chateau.
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