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Memoirs of a Survivor

Author: Doris Lessing Published: 1974 Publisher: Octagon Press Pages: 217
Synopsis: In this this quiet, haunting book, the disaster is perhaps imaginary; the protagonist and her adolescent ward seek answers to a riddle that is more psychic than physical.
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Mother of Storms

Author: John Barnes Published: 1994 Publisher: Tor Pages: 560
Synopsis:This one has it all: flood, pestilence, war, famine - all the result of a monsterous storm.
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Nature's End

Author: Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka Published: 1986 Publisher: Warner Books Pages: 418
Synopsis: As the world is consumed by famine, fatal smog, overpopulation and other environmental ills, a man searches for his son -- and becomes involved in a worldwide conspiracy against resignation and fatalism.
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New Madrid Run, The

Author: Michael Reisig Published: 1998 Publisher: Clear Creek Press Pages: 000
Synopsis: Civilization is shattered when celestial events cause the earth's poles to shift. A handful of people head out of Florida in a sailboat, in search of a safe harbor in ... Arkansas.
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Nuclear War

Editors: Gregory Benford and Martin Harry Greenberg Published: 1988 Publisher: Ace Books Pages: 231
Synopsis: Anathology of stories about nuclear war and its aftermath.
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On the Beach

Author: Nevil Shute Published: 1957 Publisher: William Morrow and Company Pages: 278
Synopsis: A handful of people on a Australian naval base await the arrival of nuclear fallout.
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Author: Conrad Williams Published: 2010 Publisher: Virgin Books Pages: 400
Synopsis: A strange "Event" destroys much of the world when Richard Jane is on an underwater job for an oil company. As he embarks on a difficult journey to find his son, he must fend off the awakened dead.
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Oryx and Crake

Author: Margaret Atwood Published: 2003 Publisher: Anchor Books Pages: 374
Synopsis: A story of genetic engineering gone wrong, told from the point of view of Snowman, a post-apocalyptic character whose only company is a group of odd beings called "crakers."
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Passage, The

Author: Justin Cronin Published: 2010 Publisher: Ballantine Books Pages: 784
Synopsis: A virus created by a military experiment leads to a plague of vampiric revenants that wipes out most of the population.
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Penultimate Truth, The

Author: Philip K. Dick Published: 1964 Publisher: Vintage Reprint Pages: 208
Synopsis: Nick St. James lives underground, where most humans have retreated since WWIII is being waged on the surface. Or is it?
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