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Plague Year

Author: Jeff Carlson Published: 2007 Publisher: Ace Pages: 304
Synopsis:Nanotechnology, in the form of a "machine plague," destroys all life below 10,000 feet, forcing together a pair of desperate survivors and a scientist/astronaut in a race for the vaccine. First in a trilogy.
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Postman, The

Author: David Brin Published: 1985 Publisher: Bantam Books Pages: 336
Synopsis: A wanderer in the post-apocalyptic United States assumes the role of a mail carrier for an imaginary government.
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Author: Peter George Published: 1957 Publisher: Prion Books Pages:
Synopsis: A twitsted tale of nuclear war that involves, among other things, a plot to steal our precious bodily fluids.
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Red Shadows

Author: Yvonne Navarro Published: 1998 Publisher: Bantam Pages: 512
Synopsis: Fragments of a rogue planet slams into earth. Billions are killed and the earth's rotation stops. Twenty years later the remnants of humanity face total extinction from a plague.
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Resurrection Day

Author: Brendan Dubois Published: 1999 Publisher: Putnam Pages: 387
Synopsis: Suspense novel takes place a decade after the Cuban missile crisis resulted in nuclear war.
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Riddley Walker

Author: Russell Hoban Published: 1980 Publisher: Indiana University Press Pages:
Synopsis: A hapless young man of 12 uses the fractured -- and mutated -- remains of the English language to describe an odyssey in a future that feels more like the past.
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Rift, The

Author: Walter J. Williams Published: 1998 Publisher: Eos Pages: 994
Synopsis: Williams follows the fates of nine people in the wake of a devastating North American earthquake.
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River Rats

Author: Caroline Stevermer Published: 1992 Publisher: Magic Carpet/Harcourt Brace & Co Pages: 305
Synopsis: Young adult novel finds Sawyer-esque band of orphans plying the post-apocalyptic Mississippi.
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Shiva Descending

Author: Gregory Benford and William Rotsler Published: 1980 Publisher: Tor Science Fiction Pages: 400
Synopsis: Earthlings prepare to meet their doom as a flurry of asteroid collisions usher in what looks to be a world-ending meeting with mountain-sized Shiva.
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Some Will Not Die

Author: Aldis Budris Published: 1961 Publisher: Vivisphere Publishing Pages: 224
Synopsis: A young man struggles to survive in deserted Manhattan after a super-plague destroys humanity.
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